Is Virginia the “mother” of another president?

As a kid, I was taught that Virginia was the “Mother of Presidents,” given that eight U.S. presidents were born here. Stretching that a bit, could Virginia claim a ninth? This story says that has researched President Barack Obama’s lineage and concludes he has “likely” descended from a Virginia slave. The kicker is that the slave is on his heretofore presumed white mother’s side.

I’m not sure I’m buying the conclusion of Ancestry (which, by the way, has taken over nearly all of what used to be free genealogical research sites and put them behind a paywall). For sure, anything is possible, but in doing genealogical research, “possible” doesn’t cut it.

Which makes me wonder why this is a story at all. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but is based on Utah.

4 thoughts on “Is Virginia the “mother” of another president?

  1. BARACK as president has made a nation of slaves all
    now / black as white having been stripped of all rights.

    Last year $13 Billion spent keeping govt information
    CLASSIFIED / thus the criminal acts but kept hidden.

    Those dare in speaking out face loss of employment
    imprisonment or a fate far worse // it but little wonder
    journalists live in fear of speaking out revealing truth.

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