Allen needs to debate Kaine in Hampton Roads

Former governors Allen & Kaine – from the Richmond Times Dispatch

Last Thursday, George Allen announced that he had agreed to three more debates. I was quite surprised that none of them are in Hampton Roads. After all, Tim Kaine announced back in June that eight debate commitments, including one sponsored by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.

So in my weekly column for The Virginian-Pilot, I urge Allen to reconsider. Accept the Hampton Roads debate so that voters here have the opportunity to hear the two candidates, side by side, address the issues that face our part of the Commonwealth. You are planning to represent us if you are elected, right?

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3 thoughts on “Allen needs to debate Kaine in Hampton Roads

  1. I am no fan of Tim Kaine. Tim and George are the kind of garbage candidates who got us into the mess we are in. We are long overdue for fresh candidates without such overpowering ties to the DC establishment. Neither candidate is upstanding, both are big government big spenders.

    As for George, you dems should ask why tea party groups do not support George Allen. Allens goons such as Richard Crousse will tell you Allen has Tea Party support and that is partially true. There are rinos who set up Tea Party groups to counter the real Tea Party groups that were inspired to organize after the fall of our economy brought on by the likes of George Allen, a republican in name only who is anything but fiscally conservative.

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