Video: the Big Dog

If you missed last night’s speech by former President Bill Clinton, that’s an easy fix: check out the video below 🙂

10 thoughts on “Video: the Big Dog

    1. What’s really stunning is that your comment tries to portray him as either evil, dishonorable, or both. His intelligence, talent at communicating even the most complex ideas, and good, no, fantastic work he has done around the world speaks volumes of the character and composition of the man.

      He is someone to look up to. I know that doesn’t fit with your opinion, but the feeling is almost universal. The Republicans and others are jealous of him and his good works. The reason they won’t say it is that they wish they had someone just like him.

      Spare us your comment on how he lied once or twice or 100 times in his life. You have, or will do the same.

      Bill Clinton is not a perfect man, but he is a hero in this country, (not about party) whether you and your compatriots think so or not.

      Besides, he is married to the Secretary of State and former Senator, Hillary Clinton. One of the most celebrated and accomplished women of the 20th and not the 21st centuries. Can’t go wrong there.

      1. No “attempt” is needed. He is dishonorable.

        Let us examine this person you so look up to, shall we?

        * The one and only legitimately impeached president,
        * The president whose party was so SMASHED in the midterm elections, the House and Senate went to Republican control for the first time in forty years,
        * The president who cheated on his wife with an INTERN — in the Oval Office,
        * The President who signed the repeal of Glass Steagall, which Democrats blame for the Wall Street mess,
        * The president who expanded the Community Reinvestment Act, which forced banks to lend money to those who could not afford it,
        * The president whose law license was suspended for five years for perjury,
        * “Think of a thumb,”
        * Cigars.

        This is your HERO!?

    1. Which “truth” would that be? The one about how the DEMOCRAT-run Congress ran up the debt prior to the REPUBLICANS’ taking control in 1994, after which we had those four years of surpluses he bragged about? How about the one where he twice (or was it three times?) VETOED welfare reform he was bragging about before finally signing it under great public pressure?

      1. Haters gonna hate. He was right last night, and he deserves our respect as a former president. You will notice the absence of any comment from me about any Republican or other. Bill Clinton is a hero to me, and if he’s not to you, we can do without the tired litany of excuses why he isn’t.

        No bullet points needed.

        1. Mark and Vivian, When I first started following this blog I would get so upset at some of the B. S. NARCELEB (alias Warren) could spit out. Then I realized it was a Tea Bagger talking and those folks even hate their mothers because they are drawing SS and Medicare.

        2. OK — how about “saving” our auto companies? Chrysler and GM both went bankrupt. Chrysler was sold to Fiat, and GM became a ward of the State and its bondholders were robbed.

          Here’s another fact for you: “The recovery act saved or created millions of jobs and cut taxes — let me say this again — cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people. And, in the last 29 months, our economy has produced about 4 1/2 million private sector jobs.”

          Yes, Obama did cut taxes — by extending the Bush tax cuts. They are now Obama’s tax cuts. But aside from that, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 spent $787B. If every one of those 4.5 million jobs is the result of that Act (and CBO economist Doug Elmendorf says the act actually COST jobs), then that’s $175,000 per job created.

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