3rd CD, 1st CD debates

The Daily Press and Christopher Newport University have team up to host debates in the 3rd Congressional District and the 1st Congressional District. The DP is using the free UStream TV service for broadcasting the debates.

UStream, when using the free service, has ads. Apparently, some were not aware that the ads displayed are completely outside of the control of the broadcaster. I’ve used the service in the past myself, although not enough to justify spending the money to buy ad-free access. (At one point, I heard that it could be purchased on a per-event basis but I’ve not found a reference to that.)

In any event, at least something is being done to broadcast these debates. Given the real cost of getting these on TV, UStream offers an alternative, albeit not a perfect one.

The 3rd CD debate can be viewed here and the 1st CD debate can be viewed here.