Clinton in Chesapeake Saturday

Bill Clinton will be at Indian River High School in Chesapeake Saturday. Doors open at 10am. No tickets required. UPDATE: Tickets ARE required. Available here.

5 thoughts on “Clinton in Chesapeake Saturday

  1. I think the only other person that rubs Republicans wrong more then former President Bill Clinton is Sectretary of State Hillary Clinton. I’d love to hear him speak; he really is prone to say just about anything.

    No question his legacy will be the the Clinton Foundation and it’s humanitarian initiatives.

    His speech at the DNC was the answer that Democrats should have fed back to Republicans on every issue. From a jobless recovery, to a terrible housing market, to stock market loses; the American economy was so broken by the excesses of two wars, by Wall Street being allowed to ravage our financial sector, by the greed in the housing bubble, no one and I mean no one could have fixed it in four years. Is so true.

    1. I think Clinton’s legacy will be that he was the only president legitimately impeached, and he was the one who’s policies caused such a visceral reaction in the electorate that the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years.

      It was truly amazing how the policies of the left — forcing banks to make mortgages to those who could not afford them, pricing millions of low-wage workers out of their jobs, and increasing spending dramatically — could so destroy our economy in just the last two years of Bush’s administration.

      1. Our memory’s are short I agree. As I recall the Senate found him innocent of the charges for which he was impeached.

        Blaming the left singularly for the mess our 2008 economy was in, is disingenuous at best. Both parties participated in the unfettered spending. Along with lack of oversight of Wall Street bankers, we were led down a path of near total loss. Plenty of blame for EVERY politician here regardless of who points the finger.

        Fifty years from now history will show Clinton as one of two impeached Presidents but the good that the Clinton Foundation will have done over the same period of time will far overshadow any personal indiscretions that he was most certainly guilty of…

        1. Well, the most telling statement from a Senator was, “These charges do not rise to the level of Impeachment.” That Senator, and I do not recall his name, obviously does not know his job under the Constitution. His job was to determine guilt or innocence. It is the job of the House of Representatives to decide whether a particular crime “rises to the level of Impeachment.”

          Yes, Bush should have vetoed the spending bills and the Minimum Wage increase. Both were supported by only a few Republican legislators. However, you will recall that both Bush and McCain fought for more oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and those bills were shot down by the Democrats.

          And fifty years from now, history will show that Clinton was the ONLY one legitimately impeached, because the law under which Johnson was impeached was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. And it was not “personal indiscretions” for which he was impeached, but Perjury.

          1. Extreme partisan views never allow for an objective examination of the facts.

            It was neither the extreme left nor the extreme right who nearly ran our economy and nation into the ditch back in 2007/2008. It took the combined efforts of the House, Senate and Executive branch over a period of decades to ultimately deliver our nation to the condition that we all found our selves. To deny this fact is to deny history.

            Political fighting aside, our job as citizens is to move forward in spite of the abject failure of our broken political system in Washington. Republican/Democrat; it doesn’t matter; until we as citizens elect political leaders who have the capacity to change; we will get exactly the same product that we’ve gotten in the past…

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