Go Vote!

Election Day is here. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to participate in our democracy by casting a ballot for the candidates of their choice.

I have to say that I’ve not been bombarded with the phone calls and mail that others have. I think I’ve received less than 10 pieces of mail this entire season and only a few robocalls over the last week, most of them from the RNC – go figure!. Like everyone else, though, the TV ads have been overwhelming – and I won’t miss them a bit.

In case you’re interested, I compiled The Virginian-Pilot’s endorsements here. They don’t include the presidential contest but they do include all of the other races in South Hampton Roads. For voters in the cities of Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Suffolk, there are local races on the ballot as well. From the hits this blog has received, folks are looking for information on the candidates in these races. (I even received an email asking me who I endorsed in the Virginia Beach races!) I did my best to compile a list of those candidates last July but again, the Pilot has voter guides for each, which I included here.

The polls are open until 7pm tonight. Anyone in line at 7pm will be allowed to cast their ballot.

And then we wait.

I spent Election Night 2008 in Washington DC at the offices of NPR with bloggers from across the country. This year, I’ll be in Portsmouth, as a part of the panel at WAVY-TV 10. Catch us online if you’re out of the area.

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