Chasing Ice

I have mentioned before about the documentaries the Naro shows on Wednesdays. They usually are followed up by a speaker from the area of the film who talks and answers questions. Sometimes, like last night, they are about things I know quite a bit about, but sometimes they are topics I know nothing about. However, I always find them interesting. The owner picks very well made films.

Usually the crowd is not too big. Last night, though, they had to hold up the movie for a little while because there were so many people still in line to buy tickets at its scheduled start time. The movie was Chasing Ice.

Chasing-ice1It is the story of National Geographic photographer James Balog’s quest to capture images of the ice melting in the Arctic to help tell the story of the Earth’s changing climate. As a computer person who has to deal with equipment, I could relate to the problems he had with the equipment in harsh areas. He had to sky/hike to remote places and rappel down to get some of the images. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

The images were beautiful and sad at the same time, as you would see how the landscape dramatically changed over the years. At the end there was a peninsula the size of lower Manhattan that they caught on video as it fell into the water. The height would have been 3 times the tallest buildings of Manhattan. It was huge. Watching it fall in was gorgeous and sober  at the same time.  I am sure you will soon be able to rent it from the Naro video store. It is worth the effort.

The next movie, Escape Fire: Fight to Rescue American Healthcare will be shown Wednesday, January 23rd. It is about American health care costs and how doctors are paid more for doing procedures and very little for diagnosing and regular visits.  Basically why we pay more, yet our health outcomes are worse.

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  1. Thanks, Vivian. I was there, too. The black holes in the ice have been bothering me all day. The black composed of algae and soot amazed me. I just got back from Richmond (with Ellis James) after attending the Virginia Clean Energy Day with Glen Besa and a variety of environmental groups. The black holes really motivated me – if the soot from burning fossil fuels is that pervasive that far think how much we are breathing here in Hampton Roads at the end of continental wind pattern that collects soot for 3000 miles. I had a good talk with my Delegate, Chris Stolle, regarding his vote against the judge in Richmond. Chris objected to the way he had handled his Navy educational loan repayment while on active duty. Chris took advantage of some programs while he was in and was conscientious in his handling repayment. It may be rationalization, but I didn’t feel that it was an orientation issue. And what about Algie – taking the good side on a couple of issues this week. I thanked him and remembered what he told me at a breakfast about committee assignments. He may not be in the majority, but he is able to express a more progressive point of view to some folks that need it. Dave

    1. Dave – that wasn’t me – that was Carol. I didn’t make it to the screening – had too much on my plate 😦 (And I edited your response to remove your full name and the part of the email that was included.)

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