Seven years

BlogoversaryIt’s been seven years today since I started this blog. The last two have not been nearly as much fun as the first five.

I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life over the last couple of years, which has made blogging as much as I would like difficult. When you add on the poisonous political climate, which has come to Virginia in a big way, it makes me wonder what the point is.

Thomas Jefferson’s quote, which graces the front page of this blog, is what has kept me going this long:

I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.

I was never concerned with the trivialities of such things as hits – it was about getting out of my head the many things that rattle around in it. A tree falling in the forest still makes a sound, after all.

Were it not for this blog, though, I doubt I would have been given the opportunity to write for The Virginian-Pilot, which I’ve been doing weekly since July 2011. I’ve given the paper my best work – and as long as they let me, I’ll continue to do so.

Last week, I had made a decision to shutter this blog. But then something came up – and then something else.

For now, I’ll keep the site up. I may not post something every day – or even every week. Sometimes, I’ll post things over on my Facebook page, which is where I’ve started putting up things I find interest, things that used to generate blog posts. And, of course, I’ll still be on Twitter.

A site redesign is coming, too – as soon as I can find the energy to do it.

Seven years. Heck, that’s longer than some marriages.

14 thoughts on “Seven years

  1. Congratulations on your seven years – perhaps thoughts of shuttering the blog were a cyber-variety of the seven year itch. 😉

    I, for one, am glad you’ll be continuing. Even though I comment very little, I read regularly, and regularly recommend you to others as an example of how political discussion and discourse should take place.

    I don’t always agree with your opinions, but you express them well and in a way that invites reflection. Sometimes, after pondering the issues, I even come to accept your point of view.

    Since I’ve rejected Facebook, I’ll not be seeing you there, but I’ll continue to read and appreciate what you share with us here and in “The Virginian-Pilot”. Best wishes for the coming years!

    1. I know you’re not from Virginia but the Pilot is a pretty big newspaper 😉 (I updated the story with a link to my columns.)

      And I understand the Facebook thing – resisted it for a very long time myself 🙂

  2. Seems not that long ago when we first met, both having started blogs the same year. When we consider everything that has happened in those seven years we can understand that times change, lives change. The fight for our human condition and our ideals has a price. If it didn’t, everyone would be as concerned as those of us who try to keep the word flowing, to inform, educate.

    All of this is to say that I admire you greatly, and I wish your burdens were not weighing you down.

    Congratulations on your milestone.

    I have been off being a fireman, putting out the fires that raged in my life. I look forward to writing here as long as you’ll have me. There certainly is no shortage of things to write about.

  3. It has been my pleasure to read your opinions on subjects which you find interesting or intriguing. As a life long Democract from Virginia I also have seen the devisive, mean spirited politic creeping into our system and I find it appalling.

    I’ve often wondered where you found the TIME to keep this site up and active. Good luck to you and your future endeavors; I for one will miss your reasonable thought process… Bob Hayhurst

  4. I know it must have been hard in this partisan environment not to decide to just shut down. I also know you likely get a lot more negative emails that most people never see. I , like Mark , do want to make a comment about Vivian and what this blog means. I meet Vivian several years ago at a meeting and was impressed not only for her passion for what is going on but the ability to back up her opinions by actual data and facts. Also she had the ability to try and see the other side even if she did not agree with them.

    However, Vivian’s blog is unique in she does let the people write blogs saying what they want and does not tell them what they can or can’t put up. I have know several people who wrote articles to post on other blogs they wrote for only to have them taken down because they don’t follow the party line or the blog owners particular opinions. I also have know bloggers who have had their blogs pulled down off other sites because elected officials did not agree and want the article pulled. Vivian has never done that to me. She has told people if they objected they could put comments or write a blog on the other side, which is how it should be.

    I respect Vivian for taking a stand even when some of the comments were quite personal along racial or gender lines to discredit what she says. I also know a lot of people read her blog and enjoy doing so. While only a few people actually ever post comments so it may seem that some voices are heard a lot more .

    Vivian, you have done a great service for this community in trying to keep the conversation going. I am glad you are not taking down your blog.

  5. I do hope you continue your blog. I find it a valuable commentary on events here in Virginia, and even share it my friends. Thanks for the seven years you have given us your readers.

  6. This blog by Vivian is as important and useful as anything that’s available in Virginia about our state and this Tidewater area in which we live and have our livelihoods and lifestyles. Many of us don’t know how much time and talent it takes to produce a first-class blog; I’ve tried and not succeeded. Vivian does top quality work in whatever she undertakes–never settles for second-rate. If you want the best, and the most accurate, and not the “party line,” stick with and support “All Politics is Local.”

    Let us know what we can do to help, Vivian. You carry a heavy load and if you need support, please ask. No other source does what you do for this complex community–still known to me as TIDEWATER, bless our hearts!

    And let’s go hear Congressman Bobby Scott, from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at An Achievable Dream Middle and High School, located at 5720 Marshall Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23605.

    Even WASPS like me “shall overcome”! Sooner now than we think.

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