McDonnell to give back gifts, throws Cooch under the bus

Bob McDonnell
Bob McDonnell

The big story coming out yesterday was Gov. Bob McDonnell’s announcement that he is going to give back the gifts he received from BFF Jonnie Williams, including the Rolex. As I read somewhere else, I’m not sure what value there will be in an engraved watch. Maybe the governor can just pay Williams for it and keep it?

McDonnell, obviously, can’t give back the intangible gifts, unless he intends to reimburse Williams for the value of them. Not such a bad idea, actually.

The other thing to come out of the governor’s radio interview yesterday was his throwing AG Ken Cuccinelli under the bus for the $53,000+ in legal fees the taxpayers of Virginia are having to pay.  No love lost between these two. Of course, had Cuccinelli resigned, we’d have had an AG fulfilling his role as the governor’s lawyer. As it is, we’re paying twice.

ken_cuccinelli_370x278Personally, this is a much bigger issue for me than whether he gives back his own gifts from Williams. If I recall correctly, Cuccinelli got about $18,000 in gifts from Williams. Cuccinelli not performing the job we are paying him to is costing us WAY more than that.

Not performing as AG but refusing to resign, yet Cuccinelli thinks we should elect him as our next governor.

There’s a word for that: hubris.

4 thoughts on “McDonnell to give back gifts, throws Cooch under the bus

  1. If Terry Mac ever tempered his perpetual desire to push a bridge too far with his accusations, that’s one that would actually stick. The sums that Cuccinelli took are paltry in comparison with McDonnell, and it’s certainly inaccurate to say that Cuccinelli would be prosecuted for it under Virginia law. But by accepting gifts of any appreciable value from an individual with business and political interests within the Commonwealth of Virginia, Cuccinelli willfully invalidated his capacity to serve in his role as Attorney General with respect to any legal proceedings that involved that individual.

    Some have asserted that the gifts lavished upon McDonnell didn’t translate into any special treatment for Jonnie Williams that he wouldn’t have otherwise received, but it’s patently obvious how Williams’s gifts to Cuccinelli compromised the Attorney General’s office.

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