Quick hits 9/10/13

QuickHitsLots of moving parts today, among them:

  • Herring wins Virginian-Pilot endorsement. Yep. The one statewide race where I made a prediction. In case you were wondering, Obenshain is the second coming of Cuccinelli – plus more.
  • Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders is backing Cuccinelli. While not as big of a deal as the Boyd Marcus switch, it’s pretty close. The old saying that “politics makes strange bedfellows” is certainly true this cycle. Is it really all about the money? Republicans were quick to point out that Marcus changed sides to get paid; now I’m hearing the same about Saunders. I think money is certainly part of it, but it seems the overriding thing is that each consultant detested his party’s candidate. One thing is certain: the days of people sitting on their hands and not speaking ill of their party’s candidate are over. That doesn’t mean that those who do won’t face repercussions, but at least there’s some honesty out there.
  • Cuccinelli has another conflict. The only question: will the right-leaning Daily Press still endorse him? After all, they don’t think McDonnell should resign.
  • New iPhone coming today. Surely that’s news, right? As someone who’s still hanging on to her Blackberry, no, it isn’t. But to iPhone fans? Well, some of them have been in line for a couple of days now.
  • Skins lose opener. I’m going to blame it on the early start time 😦 But the truth is that RGIII wasn’t ready to start. He was definitely rusty. The final score was not reflective of how much of a blowout the game really was.
  • Register to vote, check registration status online. I’ve been meaning to post this link for a while, but kept forgetting. The Virginia State Board of Elections has set up a page to register to vote or check/update your registration. This second point is especially important in light of the revelation last week that the registrations of some 57,000 Virginians is at stake.

What else is happening out there?

2 thoughts on “Quick hits 9/10/13

  1. Those Eagles had to make it close at the end, just so I would stay up to watch. Ever wonder if, when it’s THAT big of a blow-out on Monday night, the network execs go into the locker rooms and tell the teams what’s going to happen the rest of the game, just to keep viewers?

    Buddy Ryan would not have gone to a three-man rush. That was disgusting, and d@##ed near lost the game.

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