ICYMI: The rush for Northam’s seat in state Senate

6th Senate DistrictMy latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday.

A rush is putting it mildly. The amount of contact from the six candidates – 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans – has been astounding. No one has knocked on my door, but I’ve gotten mail, phone calls and emails.

What a contrast to the mostly non-existent contact I received prior to the Nov. 5. election.

Of course, I know this is just the beginning. Democrats will choose their nominee tomorrow, while Republicans will choose theirs next Thursday. The date for the special election has not been set, although one robocall I received (and no, I don’t remember which Republican candidate’s call mentioned it) said the election would be January 7.  Once the nominees are chosen, the real fight for the seat begins.

It is my hope that Governor McDonnell sets the date sooner rather than later. Those of us in the 6th deserve representation when the General Assembly convenes.

Step one: Vote tomorrow in the firehouse primary.

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6 thoughts on “ICYMI: The rush for Northam’s seat in state Senate

  1. Stay the course Ms. Paige in calling for legal consequences for the habitual electoral shenanigans of serial con-woman, scammer, charlatan and pathological liar, Sherry Hyphenated Battle detailed in your postings and on the front page of today’s Pilot.

  2. I’ve been getting robocalls from all 3 of the Dem. candidates, and multiple flyers from 5 of the candidates. And i’m dreading the influx of PAC money until election day. Get it over with and do the special election in December.

  3. The nomination rush was based on the assumption that there would be a December special election. With the AG recount coming up, I don’t see any way it can happen before January.

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