Lewis wins 6th Senate Democratic nomination

LewisDelegate Lynwood Lewis secured the Democratic nomination for the 6th Senate district this afternoon.

My congratulations to Lewis, and my thanks to both Andria McClellan and Paula Miller for running.

The 6th district chair, Larry Keefe, maintained the official tally of the votes as they came in and allowed me (and others) to report them as they were received. The sheet shown above is his official sheet. I also have pictures of the other pages that he used to tally the votes, namely those for the two counties – Northampton and Accomack – that had multiple locations. I used those numbers to create the spreadsheet below (click to enlarge). I hope to be able to do the same next Thursday, when the Republicans nominate their candidate.



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  1. A big thanks to the folks in Norfolk who did a super job organizing at Granby HS. The line was pretty long but it moved at a good clip. Well done.

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