6th Senate Republican firehouse today

6th Senate DistrictIf you’re in the 6th Senate district, today’s the day to cast your vote for the Republican candidate. Tonight’s winner will face Democrat Lynwood Lewis. The firehouse primary will be held between 3pm and 7pm. If you are in Norfolk, you will vote at The Masonic Temple, 7001 Granby Street. There are other locations throughout the district.

No predictions on the winner here – I’ve gotten mail and phone calls from two of the candidates. I don’t believe I’ve met Wayne Coleman, but, completely by chance, I met Richard Ottinger yestersday. The two of them have waged quite a PR battle, prompting this LTE in today’s paper:

Going for the quiet one

We just finished a brutal election that lasted nearly a year. I’m tired of robo-calls and yard signs. But two guys with apparently unlimited funds have been running for the state Senate.

I haven’t been able to sit down without the phone ringing and someone telling me who I should vote for in the special election that occurs today.

It’s always the same thing: promises of lower taxes and more jobs. (Like some candidates think that somebody out there opposes such ideas.)

There’s a third guy, John Coggeshall, who hasn’t bothered me at all. I’m voting for him.

Gary Gouge

Coggeshall has been relatively quiet, but he did have an ad sticker on the front of the newspaper today.

I plan to be there this evening and hope to be able to tweet the results as they come in.