Warner has work to do

MarkWarnerA Quinnipiac poll released today has current U.S. Senator Mark Warner up 46% to 31% over presumed Republican nominee Ed Gillespie. Lots of talk about Warner being below 50% – and while that is something to consider, another number jumped out at me:

QP032714Wait – who are the 18% of Dems who haven’t heard enough about Warner to have an opinion of him? Are they newcomers to the state? (The poll is of registered voters. Too early for a likely voter screen.) Regardless, the Warner campaign has an opportunity here: to convert those Democratic registered voters into likely voters by introducing himself to them. And while the crosstabs (pdf) don’t give the age breakdown by self-identified party, it’s pretty clear that the 18-29 year olds are a significant portion of that unknown group.

There are other interesting nuggets in the poll so check it out for yourself.