Talking Election Day on Hearsay

Radio_iStock_000004129517Small__7wc2hh__The monthly editorial roundtable on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis today at noon should be interesting. I’ll be joining Donald Luzzatto from The Virginian-Pilot, Brian Colligan from The Daily Press, and John Fredericks from “The John Fredericks Show,” a radio program.

Tune in!

2 thoughts on “Talking Election Day on Hearsay

  1. Was it super boring? About a dozen people asked for my professional opinion on the races today. There’s only so many times I can say, “well, we won a bunch of Senate seats in 2008 that we would never have won otherwise, and senate seats are up for election every six years, and it’s been six years, so, you know, that’s just kind of how that goes….”

  2. Mark Warner was not as popular as the pundits thought. The GOP is wishing they would have invested in this race. Gillespie was not even the strongest candidate, McWaters probably would have have won this one.

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