So much wrong

with this

I don’t even know where to start.

Go away, Joe.

4 thoughts on “So much wrong

  1. If Joe were the only person that was disgusting in the legislature, I would feel better. The problem is the reaction and efforts to remove him are toothless. Media hyperventilates over Joe during sweeps week like he was a kitten in a tree.

    If only the media had the same interest in other behaviors in the GA membership that are also disgusting, but pass as business as usual. Delegates that get preferential treatment. Refusal to address campaign finance reform.

    Is it surprising that a party that can’t gin up a worthy challenge to him just seems toothless themselves?

    If we are concerned with the ethical and moral behavior of our representatives, here and nationally, we as the public are going to need to hold our elected officials more accountable.

    Using Bobby Scott as a come-on during the last attempt to unseat Joe was disappointing, almost as disappointing as the inconsequential election itself.

    Virginia Democrats would do well to take a hard look at their leadership and figure out whether they are working in the best interest of the party, or the best interest of certain individuals.

    Personally, I am all through with them, after being a lifelong Democrat.

    1. I agree 300% plus with you mark. I had to take a literacy test to become a registered voter and today, I don’t care to go into the voting booth. Our party has become a party of greed and for individual interest – not the people and especially not for those who they are elected to represent.

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