3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

vote_3The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have sucked almost all of the attention lately. The rest has been taken up by the on-again, off-again (it’s off) argument over the Republican “loyalty oath” (that really wasn’t a loyalty oath at all, but I digress) in Virginia. Meanwhile, I’ve seen very little attention paid to the actual date of Virginia’s primaries – it’s March 1 – and even less attention to the voter registration deadline, which is today.

If you haven’t registered, you can do so here. You can also check your registration status there and update your information if, for example, you have moved.


One thought on “3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

  1. Please also remind folks that if they will be old enough to vote in the general election in November, they are old enough to register now and vote in the primaries.

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