History made

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party.

Mo was just one of the many folks who expressed sentiments last night and today that those of us who supported Hillary in 2008 felt:

It was a day that I never thought would come. I thought 2008 was Hillary’s best – and only – opportunity to be president. That’s what made me work my butt off to get to the convention in Denver. And that’s what made her loss so hard for me.

Yes, I’ve worked for her campaign, first with the Ready for Hillary PAC (I co-hosted a local event) and subsequently with her local efforts. I’ve even sent a little money. But it was like I’ve been holding my breath for a long time. Last night, I was able to exhale.

Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. I firmly believe that – and will do my part to see that she is successful. As the Democratic elector from the 2nd Congressional District, I have a vested interest in seeing that she wins Virginia – because I want to cast my electoral ballot for her, to be a little part of the history, too.

Mo busted out his cuff links. I dusted off my Hillary doll and my favorite photo of Hillary and me.

It’s happening.

My thanks to those who worked so hard to get us to this day. Bask in the glow of your accomplishments. Then we all need to get back to work 😉


One thought on “History made

  1. Vivian – your thoughts here were just what I needed to read. I, too, was thrilled night before last to hear that NBC and the AP had declared Ms. Clinton to be the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee. Yesterday I was walking on air and singing all day. And, then the alligators started appearing everywhere, again, attempting to drag her under in every way possible. It seems like a non-stop job to just stay up with the trolls and the ‘haters’ online. But, reading your enthusiasm just now and seeing those cuff links (darn, I want a piece of jewelry with the the ‘cracks in the ceiling’ comment on it) lifted my spirits.

    I firmly believe Hillary Clinton will be the next president, too. At the rally here in Norfolk earlier this year, I loved the ‘get us going and inspired’ slogan of . . . “I believe that she will win”. It felt right and it felt true.

    Thanks again for your words. Just what the dr. ordered to keep me flying high and keep me inspired and motivated. / Jane Massey

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