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op-edIt’s been a while since I posted anything about my columns in The Virginian-Pilot – mainly because it’s been a while since I wrote anything! I see the last post I did was in May 2015! It hasn’t been that long since I wrote anything but life kinda got busy. And then when I tried to write, I had a really hard time getting going.

Anyway, you can always catch my op-eds on PilotOnline here. Go ahead and bookmark that link – since they changed the menu navigation, it can be a little hard to find. (They also post automatically to my Facebook page.)

Here’s a rundown on my op-eds:

Right now, I’m trying to write every other week. And, of course, column tips are always welcome 😀

Just a reminder: Although my column appears in the paper, I am not and have never been an employee of The Virginian-Pilot nor am I paid for my articles.

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Off topic, but I saw that Cheryl Turpin has created a committee for the special election for Scott Taylor’s house seat. What are your thoughts about this election? Is she likely to be a good candidate for this seat, and have you heard about any other Democrats that might run?

    I know everyone is thinking about this November, but this race will be coming quickly as soon as Taylor is elected. Just curious what, if anything, you’ve heard. And this is farther away, but the 84th will be an open seat with Davis running for LG. Have you heard of any Democrats considering running for that seat?

    1. I didn’t see that Cheryl had set up a committee for this. Certainly we have to be thinking about it, since the election will be soon after November. I have not heard of any candidates.

      As for the 84th – that’s June of next year, since the Republicans are looking to nominate via primary. If Davis wins the primary, he can’t be on the ballot for both offices in November. If he thinks he’ll win the primary, he’s going to have to resign early enough for the parties to nominate candidates for either a special election (maybe August) or the November election. Haven’t heard any names on the D side for this, either.

      Both of those districts are tough for Democrats.

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