ALERT: SB 1487 action needed today

take-action-buttonIf you’ve been following the saga of Norfolk Treasurer Anthony Burfoot, then you know that some serious change needs to be made to the laws in Virginia which allow him to stay in office while appealing his felony convictions. A house bill addressing the situation – automatic suspension from office upon conviction – was discussed in this article. But it is the Senate bill which needs our immediate attention. The bipartisan SB 1487, sponsored by Sen. Lynwood Lewis and co-sponsored by Sen. Bill DeSteph, will be heard tomorrow, Tuesday, January 24, at 4pm, in the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee.

Although I had planned to be in Richmond tomorrow for CPA Lobby Day, I’m not going to make it. So like you, I’ll be contacting the members of the committee and asking them to support this bill. I hope you will do the same. The committee members and their contact information is as follows:

Senator District Room Number Email Address Phone Number
Jill Vogel (Chair) 27 309 (804) 698-7527
Janet Howell 32 321 (804) 698-7532
Creigh Deeds 25 432 (804) 698-7525
John Edwards 21 301 (804) 698-7521
Bryce Reeves 17 312 (804) 698-7517
Adam Ebbin 30 328 (804) 698-7530
Ben Chafin 38 428 (804) 698-7538
Bill DeSteph 8 303 (804) 698-7508
Amanda Chase 11 319 (804) 698-7511
Frank Ruff 15 431 (804) 698-7515
John Cosgrove 14 323 (804) 698-7514
Rosalyn Dance 16 320 (804) 698-7516
Lionell Spruill 5 305 (804) 698-7505
Mark Peake 22 322 (804) 698-7522

One thought on “ALERT: SB 1487 action needed today

  1. The law can have no effect on Tres. Burfoot. Here is the line that would be added: “Any constitutional officer convicted of a felony under the laws of any state or the United States shall be automatically suspended upon such conviction, regardless of any appeals, pleadings, delays, or motions.”

    While that (and the addition of the Oxford Comma) are welcome additions to the law, it specifically says “upon such conviction.” That conviction has already happened, so no suspension can occur upon it. Furthermore, any law requiring his suspension would run afoul of Section 9 of the Virginia Constitution: “[The] General Assembly shall not pass any bill of attainder, or any ex post facto law.”

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