ICYMI: Virginia’s redistricting dilemma

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. In it, I discuss the effects of the U.S. Supreme court decision in Shelby on the upcoming redrawing of Virginia’s 3rd – and surrounding – congressional district. I covered some of this ground in my earlier op-eds, particularly just after Shelby and after a bill … Continue reading ICYMI: Virginia’s redistricting dilemma

ICYMI: Redistricting reform should start now

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot last Thursday. In it, I looked at the results of last Tuesday’s special elections and how the outcomes were pre-ordained based on the partisan composition of the districts. Although it may have appeared that I was picking on Marcus Calabrese in my earlier post, I really … Continue reading ICYMI: Redistricting reform should start now

Norfolk schools redistricting

Norfolk Public Schools are considering changing school attendance zones and held a public meeting last night on the possibilities. Another meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6:30 at Norview High School. Last night’s meeting was not well-attended; no surprise given that notice was so short. And then there’s this: The school division plans to post … Continue reading Norfolk schools redistricting

Redistricting do-over? Senate Dems to sue

Virginia Senate Republicans are considering revisiting redistricting come January. In a story by Steve Vaughan* in The Virginia Gazette, Senator Tommy Norment expresses the desire to change the lines drawn by the legislature and approved by the U.S. Department of Justice. In particular, Norment wants Williamsburg back in his district. As if there’s not enough … Continue reading Redistricting do-over? Senate Dems to sue

Norfolk redistricting vote tonight

Norfolk City Council will take up redistricting at the end of a very long agenda tonight. There are only two plans on the agenda – the compromise plan, which will be voted on first, and the Jordan plan.The compromise plan has never been subjected to a public hearing – I guess that will happen tonight. … Continue reading Norfolk redistricting vote tonight

Norfolk redistricting – another option

My latest op-ed appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Wednesday. Although Norfolk has no races on the ballot until next May, when the two superwards are up for election, it is rushing towards adopting a plan. Councilwoman Theresa Whibley asked in the informal session on June 14 what the drop-dead date was and never really got a … Continue reading Norfolk redistricting – another option

A decade in the wilderness: Senate redistricting outcomes

By Claire Guthrie Gastañaga Incumbent-centered, partisan redistricting has all but guaranteed that Virginia progressives will be lost in the legislative wilderness for the next decade or more even as the majority of the Virginia voting public becomes more centrist, or even left of center. The reality is that, as the Virginia Senate moved to a … Continue reading A decade in the wilderness: Senate redistricting outcomes

UPDATE: Norfolk redistricting, school board

I attended both the informal and formal sessions of Norfolk Council last night. The informal session (which you can view here) did not make it through its agenda. After hearing council concerns, a non-agenda item, the conversation turned to redistricting. And that’s where it stayed for the remainder of the session. One part of the … Continue reading UPDATE: Norfolk redistricting, school board

Norfolk redistricting: “Supporting a vibrant, dynamic city”

By Rodney A. Jordan Today, June 14, 2011, marks twenty years since the passing of my uncle, Joseph A. Jordan, Jr.  More than a beloved family member, he was and continues to be a mentor to me. He lived as a child through the Great Depression in the Jim Crow south.  Paralyzed by age twenty-one … Continue reading Norfolk redistricting: “Supporting a vibrant, dynamic city”

Norfolk council to take up redistricting today

The Norfolk City Council is scheduled to take up redistricting at its council meeting today. It is at the top of the informal agenda and at the bottom of the formal one. In an editorial today, The Virginian-Pilot says that the proposals the council is considering don’t reflect a decade of change in our city: … Continue reading Norfolk council to take up redistricting today