Sharon McDonald needs to go

So says The Virginian-Pilot: McDonald, elected in 2009 to a fourth four-year term, is either defiant or oblivious to the wishes of her constituents to a degree unprecedented in recent memory. Or she just doesn’t care enough to do the right thing. Or she thought nobody would notice. Regardless, the only conclusion that reasonably follows … Continue reading Sharon McDonald needs to go

More McDonald revelations

Saturday’s Virginian-Pilot brought more revelations in the ongoing saga of Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue Sharon McDonald. While the headline pointed towards whether City Manager Regina Williams has the authority to order a hiring freeze and a ban on travel, it was the opening paragraph that raised more than a few eyebrows: Commissioner of Revenue … Continue reading More McDonald revelations

Another day, another McDonald revelation

The Virginian-Pilot had another front page, above-the-fold, article about Norfolk’s Commissioner of the Revenue Sharon McDonald.  This time, it is a hiring and spending freeze ordered by City Manager Regina Williams. The order came as the result of McDonald transferred an employee who accompanied her on trips to Richmond from the city’s payroll to the … Continue reading Another day, another McDonald revelation

Special prosecutor report on McDonald/Moss spat

Last October, a spat between Norfolk’s Commissioner of the Revenue, Sharon McDonald, and Treasurer, Tom Moss, resulted in a letter being issued by the Commissioner in which she accused the Treasurer and his deputy, Vice Mayor Anthony Burfoot, of revealing confidential taxpayer information to a reporter in violation of  Virginia Code § 58.1-3. The letter … Continue reading Special prosecutor report on McDonald/Moss spat

One more day to Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day. Here’s a quick run down of the candidates: Statewide Democratic Primary LG – Aneesh Chopra | Ralph Northam AG – Justin Fairfax | Mark Herring Norfolk Democratic Primary – in addition to the statewide listed above: Commissioner of the Revenue – Sharon McDonald* | Evans Poston 90th House of Delegates (only … Continue reading One more day to Election Day

Video: Norfolk Republicans nominate 2

The Republican Party of Norfolk held a Mass Meeting Saturday morning to nominate candidates. Just two met the May 24th filing deadline and were nominated at the meeting: Jim McDonnell, who is running for Treasurer, and Neil Bradley, who is running for sheriff. The video of the meeting, which includes speeches from the nominees, is … Continue reading Video: Norfolk Republicans nominate 2

Another OMG week in Norfolk

A quick rundown of the stories of interest this week: The leak of the audit report on Commissioner Sharon McDonald came on Monday afternoon in advance of Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The Council’s response Tuesday night was pretty harsh and included an ordinance. The editorial board finally weighed in on the McDonald controversy. The FBI … Continue reading Another OMG week in Norfolk

Norfolk Commissioner: “She broke the public trust”

So says Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim of Commissioner of the Revenue Sharon McDonald. “Sharon felt once she had a travel budget, it was an entitlement,” he said. “There is no logical justification for the … hundreds of hotel room stays, hundreds and hundreds of meals, gifts, et cetera. The council no longer has faith in … Continue reading Norfolk Commissioner: “She broke the public trust”

Rules, but no laws, broken Commish credit card use

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue Sharon McDonald “did not break any laws” in her use of a city credit card but she did not follow the rules regarding the use of credit cards. The audit looked at credit card transactions beginning in July 2005. Of the more than $80,000 in purchases, … Continue reading Rules, but no laws, broken Commish credit card use