6th Senate District profile

I'm pretty sure most folks are familiar with the registered voters by locality that VPAP has for the 6th Senate District, which is shown to the left. I'm also pretty sure that folks are familiar with the party performance in the district: 2012 - Pres. Obama won 57% of the vote and Sen. Kaine won … Continue reading 6th Senate District profile

Poll: Lewis “best-positioned” candidate in the 6th

Myers Research & Strategic Services released a poll today (pdf) in covering Democratic candidates in the 6th Senate district. Of the three candidates, pollster Andrew Myers says that Del. Lynwood Lewis "is the best-positioned candidate to keep this seat in the Democratic column." Key to Lewis’ edge here is his lead in the toughest part … Continue reading Poll: Lewis “best-positioned” candidate in the 6th

Herring +164, a post-recount contest possible?

Democratic candidate Mark Herring came out of yesterday's canvasses with a 163-vote 164-vote lead over Republican Mark Obenshain in the race to be the next attorney general of Virginia. All of the localities certified their election results by midnight, with Fairfax County being the last to do so. Yesterday's canvasses saw Herring's lead dwindle from … Continue reading Herring +164, a post-recount contest possible?

Herring +117

After posting the updates from Richmond, plus two votes from Montgomery County, yesterday Mark Herring took the lead in the contest to be Virginia's Attorney General by 117 votes. The results of yesterday's canvasses were posted to the State Board of Elections website late in the day. (Click to enlarge.) There will be more adjustments … Continue reading Herring +117

ICYMI: A post-election scramble – and wait

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot last Thursday. A couple of things were on my mind as I wrote the article Wednesday morning. First, the close AG race. I had no idea that, as of right now, the margin between the two Marks - Democrat Herring and Republican Obenshain - would shrink … Continue reading ICYMI: A post-election scramble – and wait

6th Senate race info

With the election of Ralph Northam, the 6th Senate seat becomes available. The race started Wednesday, even though the date for the election has not been set. Both parties held meetings Wednesday evening. Democrats chose November 16 as the date of its unassembled caucus (aka firehouse primary) while the Republicans chose November 21 for its … Continue reading 6th Senate race info

Virginia’s recount process

With the AG's race so close, there's a lot of stuff floating around out there about recounts. A quick summary of the rules can be found in this document (pdf) from the State Board of Elections. The high points: What's happening right now is NOT a recount. Right now, electoral boards across the state are conducting … Continue reading Virginia’s recount process

Who’s on your ballot

Election Day is tomorrow - Tuesday, November 5. Despite the polls, we all know that the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day, when we cast our ballots. So make time tomorrow to get out and vote. The candidates (listed in the order on which they will appear on the ballot - … Continue reading Who’s on your ballot

ICYMI: Two inseparable candidates

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. Of course, the two candidates the title refers to are Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain. It seems illogical that the polls show Cuccinelli losing while Obenshain is keeping the race close. As I said in the article, Obenshain is Cuccinelli 2.0. I guess the voters … Continue reading ICYMI: Two inseparable candidates