Nov 8 special elections in HOD 77, 93 As announced on Twitter Tuesday, Hampton Roads will have two more special elections for the General Assembly on the ballot this November. In addition to the two Senate contests - in the 1st and 5th Senate districts - will be those in House districts 77 and 93. Incumbents in both House districts have resigned … Continue reading Nov 8 special elections in HOD 77, 93

DNC Convention wrap up

It's taken a few days for me to recover from the convention. It was an exhausting, sometimes frustrating, and exhilarating week. I was already in Philly when the announcement came that Hillary Clinton had chosen our own U.S. Senator, Tim Kaine, as her running mate. Unfortunately, I had left at home my Kaine eyebrow button … Continue reading DNC Convention wrap up

DNC Rules Committee meeting

As previously mentioned, I was appointed by the Hillary Clinton campaign to the DNC Rules Committee. Our meeting was yesterday - and what a meeting it was! I posted on my Facebook page various parts of it as it was occurring. What I want to cover here is the biggest piece of the meeting: the … Continue reading DNC Rules Committee meeting

5th District: Spruill wins

Last Saturday, Democrats in the 5th Senate district participated in a firehouse primary to select the party's nominee. Chesapeake Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr. was the winner, besting Norfolk Del. Joe Lindsey by a wide margin - 68% to 32%. As noted previously, this contest just determined the party's nominee, as the filing deadline for a … Continue reading 5th District: Spruill wins

5th Senate: Firehouse primary Saturday, 7/9/16

With the election of Kenny Alexander as Norfolk's mayor, the seat in the 5th Senate District of Virginia became vacant. Democrats will choose the nominee in a firehouse primary this Saturday, July 9. For those not familiar, a firehouse primary is an unassembled caucus. Eligible voters go to pre-selected voting locations during set hours, not … Continue reading 5th Senate: Firehouse primary Saturday, 7/9/16

Important local primary elections Tuesday

Trying to get out from under the din of the presidential nominating contests is difficult but there are some pretty important elections in Hampton Roads next Tuesday, June 14.  In addition to Congressional primaries, there is a Peninsula State Senate district contest. Voters will cast their ballots at their regular polling locations. Due to changes … Continue reading Important local primary elections Tuesday

History made

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Mo was just one of the many folks who expressed sentiments last night and today that those of us who supported Hillary in 2008 felt: It was a day that I never thought would come. I thought 2008 was Hillary's best - and … Continue reading History made

Norfolk May 2016 election: by the numbers

While it has been a while, I still think a look at the Norfolk election numbers is relevant, at least for future reference. I usually try my hand at predicting overall turnout as well as precinct-by-precinct turnout for each of Norfolk's elections. Most of the time, my numbers are pretty close - sometimes, within 2 … Continue reading Norfolk May 2016 election: by the numbers

Election results

It was quite an interesting night across Hampton Roads!  While my election night focus was on Norfolk's results, there were contests in other cities as well. Norfolk I'll have another post on this later. The turnout was WAY above what I expected, not to mention where it came from. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Kenny Alexander, Councilwoman-elect … Continue reading Election results

Vote today!

Norfolk voters have an opportunity today to remake council in a way that we have not seen in decades. We will choose three council members - one for each superward and the mayor - with a fourth member coming shortly in a special election. That is exactly half of the council. If all four a … Continue reading Vote today!