ICYMI: 2017 YWCA Women of Distinction

Last month, the YWCA South Hampton Roads honored 12 women from across Hampton Roads. According to the website: Women of Distinction are women from all walks of life in our community whose professional accomplishments and/or philanthropic efforts truly epitomize the potential of every woman. Each year, the YWCA South Hampton Roads recognizes and celebrates the … Continue reading ICYMI: 2017 YWCA Women of Distinction

A day to remember

September 6 has been a bittersweet day for me for a very long time. My father, about whom I've written in the past (like here and here) died on September 6, 1973. I remain grateful for all that Daddy taught me, even though our time on this earth was so short. One year later, on … Continue reading A day to remember

Adopt-A-Student needs your help!

It's that time of year again and the Adopt-A-Student program needs your help! From an email I received yesterday: We have already adopted 279 children for backpacks & school supplies so far this year! We have 178 left to be adopted! Norfolk Shelters                     154 Suffolk … Continue reading Adopt-A-Student needs your help!

Opinion, please: no phone messages?

It's been a while since I posted one of these. And I've had the note to post about this one sitting on my desk for a while but other things took priority. Check this out (emphasis mine): However, the older set needs to know the protocol of younger generations. Such as that calling someone without … Continue reading Opinion, please: no phone messages?

RIP Tommy 1997 – 2014

I lost my baby yesterday. For 17 years, he was my constant companion. I don't seem to be able to locate any pictures of him walking on his leash or riding in the car, both things he loved to do, but here are some photos I could put my hands on. UPDATED with a couple … Continue reading RIP Tommy 1997 – 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm about to start my annual tradition of cleaning and cooking for tomorrow. Usually, I do my shopping on Wednesday as well, but I got that done last night. (Surprised to see so many in the grocery store at 9pm!) EDIT: Oops! Forgot the old menu doesn't include corn pudding, which definitely will be on … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

ALS is no joke

And the idiots who thought it was were properly fired. Class act, Steve Gleason. I'm quite familiar with ALS - I have a friend who is living with the disease since his October 1994 diagnosis. So I'm familiar with the technology that allows him to communicate. I was absolutely incensed to think that three idiots … Continue reading ALS is no joke