3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have sucked almost all of the attention lately. The rest has been taken up by the on-again, off-again (it's off) argument over the Republican "loyalty oath" (that really wasn't a loyalty oath at all, but I digress) in Virginia. Meanwhile, I've seen very little attention paid to … Continue reading 3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

This ‘n that

I keep hoping that I will find the time - and the mental space - to do some serious writing again. In the meantime, a few random thoughts: Confederate flags should be removed from public property. I made the argument years ago that the "heritage not hate" camp needed to choose a flag other than … Continue reading This ‘n that

ICYMI: Be a martyr for the cause

Yes, I've been buried again 😦 I keep hoping that things will settle down and I'll have more time to post here but it just hasn't happened yet. Not that there is any shortage of things to opine on - because there isn't. After all, between Norfolk and Richmond, to name a couple, there's plenty … Continue reading ICYMI: Be a martyr for the cause

Quick hits: 11/26/14

About to get started on my Thanksgiving cooking. A couple of stories I'm keeping my eye on: Sexual assault on campus. The story from Rolling Stone was absolutely chilling, if not completely surprising. There's been a big push this year to make awareness - and prevention - of this a priority. The RS article has … Continue reading Quick hits: 11/26/14

Talking Election Day on Hearsay

The monthly editorial roundtable on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis today at noon should be interesting. I'll be joining Donald Luzzatto from The Virginian-Pilot, Brian Colligan from The Daily Press, and John Fredericks from "The John Fredericks Show," a radio program. Tune in!

Southside Hampton Roads voter guides

The Virginian-Pilot has compiled a voter guide for Southside Hampton Roads. The guide includes both federal and local candidates - remember, three localities have local contests on the ballot - and has not only profiles of the candidates but also video interviews, if the candidate chose to participate. This has to be one of the … Continue reading Southside Hampton Roads voter guides

Reminder: 2nd CD candidate forum tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that the 2nd Congressional District candidates forum is tomorrow - Saturday, October 18 - at 10am. Doors open at 9:30am. The forum will be held at the Chandler Recital Hall of the Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Center (Corner of 49th Street and Elkhorn Avenue) on the campus of Old Dominion … Continue reading Reminder: 2nd CD candidate forum tomorrow