Been buried

Yeah, it's been like the picture here. The start of the semester always brings new challenges, no matter how much time I spend preparing in advance. Add to that the wife's surgery - with another one scheduled next Monday - and it makes for a real time crunch. Something has to give - and it's … Continue reading Been buried

Washington 3-7

It's been quite a while since I wrote anything about the Washington football team. There really hasn't been much to say. The team performs poorly each week, with another loss yesterday to Philadelphia. As a longtime fan, it's really hard to watch the games. There's no fun in losing. I watched through 3 quarters yesterday … Continue reading Washington 3-7

Quick hits 9/10/13

Lots of moving parts today, among them: Herring wins Virginian-Pilot endorsement. Yep. The one statewide race where I made a prediction. In case you were wondering, Obenshain is the second coming of Cuccinelli - plus more. Democratic strategist Dave "Mudcat" Saunders is backing Cuccinelli. While not as big of a deal as the Boyd Marcus … Continue reading Quick hits 9/10/13

Quick hits: 07/08/13

Just a few things that caught my eye: OPM extends benefits to all married couples. The key part of this guidance is that "marriage" is based on the place of celebration, not the place of residency.  Will other agencies follow? Rape victim further victimized by Norfolk Police. I thought this stuff had stopped years ago. … Continue reading Quick hits: 07/08/13

ALS is no joke

And the idiots who thought it was were properly fired. Class act, Steve Gleason. I'm quite familiar with ALS - I have a friend who is living with the disease since his October 1994 diagnosis. So I'm familiar with the technology that allows him to communicate. I was absolutely incensed to think that three idiots … Continue reading ALS is no joke

I’m convinced: time for Washington to change team’s name

I didn't grow up watching football. Sports - of any kind - weren't real high on the list around my house. My freshman year in college, I worked at a department store over the Christmas holidays. One day, I was assigned to hand pens to a football player, who was there to sign autographs. To … Continue reading I’m convinced: time for Washington to change team’s name

Redskins loss

The Washington Redskins lost their playoff game yesterday to the Seattle Seahawks, in a game in which we saw star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III go down. Others have asked if Griffin should have even been playing. My answer? Um, no. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that saw that Griffin was badly … Continue reading Redskins loss

Spotlight on Skins kicker Forbath

Great story in the paper today about Washington Redskins kicker Kai Forbath. He has definitely been a wonderful addition to the roster. Even as a football fan, I had failed to appreciate just how much better kickers are today that they used to be. One prerequisite to becoming an NFL kicker is being one of … Continue reading Spotlight on Skins kicker Forbath

How sweet it is!

The Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys 28-18 last night, winning the NFC East. It's been a long time coming: The Redskins last won the division in 1999. For a 'Skins fan, beating Dallas - even when it doesn't matter - is sweet. With so much on the line, this was one of the biggest … Continue reading How sweet it is!

VB’s Gabby Douglas named AP female athlete of the year

Gabby Douglas, the gymnast from Virginia Beach, was named The Associated Press female athlete of the year today. Since winning gold at the London Olympics last summer, Douglas has been on a whirlwind publicity tour and written a book. (Her website could use some updates.) A hearty congratulations!