Technology Tuesday: splitting HMDIs signals

I'm late to the party on a lot of things. Add Roku to that list - I just bought one a couple of weeks ago. But in doing so, it brought up a technology issue that I hadn't thought about in a while: how to direct, from multiple sources, video to one device and audio … Continue reading Technology Tuesday: splitting HMDIs signals

Technology Tuesday: Blackberry z10

I about had a heart attack when, Thanksgiving morning, my trusty Blackberry 9900 wouldn't boot up. It took me a couple of days to get around to figuring out what the problem was - the OS had become corrupted - and fixing it. My biggest problem was not the reloading of the OS but the … Continue reading Technology Tuesday: Blackberry z10

Quick hits 9/10/13

Lots of moving parts today, among them: Herring wins Virginian-Pilot endorsement. Yep. The one statewide race where I made a prediction. In case you were wondering, Obenshain is the second coming of Cuccinelli - plus more. Democratic strategist Dave "Mudcat" Saunders is backing Cuccinelli. While not as big of a deal as the Boyd Marcus … Continue reading Quick hits 9/10/13

ICYMI: Navigating a tweet stream

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. Perhaps it sounds like a frivolous topic but the discussion paper (pdf) that prompted it was anything but. The power of the medium has changed the way politics is done. When I joined Twitter, it was because I wanted a way to quickly report on … Continue reading ICYMI: Navigating a tweet stream

Technology Tuesday: Panasonic KX-TG7875

I've been using a wireless telephone setup in my home for years. Living as I do in an older home, phone jacks are scarce, while the demand for them is fairly high. In addition to just making and receiving calls, I have DirecTV, which requires a phone line to the receivers. The wireless setup allowed … Continue reading Technology Tuesday: Panasonic KX-TG7875

Software worth a look: Conqu

I'm one of the last folks still using a Blackberry phone. OK, call me antiquated, but it works for me. And I was one of the folks who bought the Blackberry Playbook within days of its release in April 2011 . The tablet has served me well. Nonetheless, I picked up an iToy - so … Continue reading Software worth a look: Conqu

Cox email? Really?

If you're relying on your ISP for email, one word of advice: Don't. Get an email address independent of your ISP. This was a lesson I learned a long, long time ago, thanks to some web-savvy friends. The first reason that I was given was that it meant that whenever I changed internet service providers, … Continue reading Cox email? Really?

Friday fun: at least for me :)

So the big game pitting ODU versus NSU is coming up Saturday and it is, of course, sold out. The game will be broadcast on espn3, which means internet streaming to watch. I'm not a fan of sitting in front of my computer. So I started thinking about how to get the game to my … Continue reading Friday fun: at least for me đź™‚

When technology is used to disenfranchise some citizens

Localities in our area are trying to make interaction with city government easier for citizens. Williamsburg this week released an app  where citizens can request city services through their smart phone. Trash can is missing? Just request a new one using the app. No more long waits on the phone. With the capabilities of technology … Continue reading When technology is used to disenfranchise some citizens

Technology Tuesday: WiFi calling

My aging BlackBerry 9700 with TMobile has built into the hardware the ability to make calls over WiFi, something that's critical to me. For whatever reason, my house is almost a dead zone for cellular coverage, regardless of carrier. I've been itching for a new cell phone for a while, but WiFi calling is pretty … Continue reading Technology Tuesday: WiFi calling