How cool is it …

... to have the VP nominee from Virginia? 🙂 I was peppered with questions about our very own Tim Kaine when I was in Philly for the Democratic National Convention. Having first met him when he was mayor of Richmond (a white guy chosen by the black majority council), I was more than happy to … Continue reading How cool is it …

Hayes 77th winner, Mullin draws challenger in 93rd

Cliff Hayes was the winner in the firehouse primary for the 77th House of Delegates district yesterday. By a margin of 556 to 469 - told y'all, every vote counts - Hayes defeated a well-organized LeOtis Williams. As of this writing, Hayes will not face opposition in the November election. Per the writ, candidates have … Continue reading Hayes 77th winner, Mullin draws challenger in 93rd

Firehouse primary 77th HOD 8/16/16

The Democratic candidate for House of Delegates district 77 will be chosen in a firehouse primary this Tuesday, August 16. The district is primarily located in Chesapeake (78% of the voters) but also includes Suffolk. The firehouse features one candidate from each city: Former Chesapeake City Council member Cliff Hayes, who has the endorsement of … Continue reading Firehouse primary 77th HOD 8/16/16

Nov 8 special elections in HOD 77, 93 As announced on Twitter Tuesday, Hampton Roads will have two more special elections for the General Assembly on the ballot this November. In addition to the two Senate contests - in the 1st and 5th Senate districts - will be those in House districts 77 and 93. Incumbents in both House districts have resigned … Continue reading Nov 8 special elections in HOD 77, 93

McDonnell: SCOTUS defines ‘official acts’

By now, you've no doubt heard that the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the corruption convictions of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. (The decision is here.) Perhaps the most important thing from the decision is the definition of "official acts:" An “official act” is a decision or action on a “question, matter, cause, suit, proceeding or … Continue reading McDonnell: SCOTUS defines ‘official acts’

Important local primary elections Tuesday

Trying to get out from under the din of the presidential nominating contests is difficult but there are some pretty important elections in Hampton Roads next Tuesday, June 14.  In addition to Congressional primaries, there is a Peninsula State Senate district contest. Voters will cast their ballots at their regular polling locations. Due to changes … Continue reading Important local primary elections Tuesday

3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have sucked almost all of the attention lately. The rest has been taken up by the on-again, off-again (it's off) argument over the Republican "loyalty oath" (that really wasn't a loyalty oath at all, but I digress) in Virginia. Meanwhile, I've seen very little attention paid to … Continue reading 3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

Not Making Waves

Everyone who lives in Hampton Roads has witnessed cars driving though high water during floods. Most people know that salt water, or brackish water, can cause damage to your car. However, during some of the worst floods there exist a group of people who like to drive through the water for fun. The problem comes … Continue reading Not Making Waves

November 2015: Demographics win again

Back in June, I ran the numbers on the General Assembly contests. Let me refresh your memory: House of Delegates – Projected: 35 D, 64R, 1 Toss Up Senate of Virginia – Projected: 19 D, 20 R, 1 Toss Up Compare that to where we ended up: House 34D, 66R and Senate 19D 21 R. … Continue reading November 2015: Demographics win again

Nov 15: House District 93

House of Delegates District 93 encompasses parts of the cities of Newport News and Williamsburg and the counties of James City and York. The inhabitants of the district are 65% white, 25% black, 5% Asian, and 5% other races. HD 93 looks like a competitive district because it has changed hands in each of the … Continue reading Nov 15: House District 93