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  1. Hi, Vivian. Thought I’d stop by and see what you’ve done here. Impressive. I’m bookmarking this site. You & I don’t often see eye-to-eye on stuff, but you’re always interesting and I love reading your perspective on things. Good site. Keep up the good work.


  2. Vivian have you noticed that none of the organization handing out endorsements this time, until recently, had endorsed a single incumbent until Daun Hester was endorsed by LUNIA. Since then pressure has been placed on them and even their Ward One anointed has received and endorsement. I think things are about to get real ugly in this race; the incumbents aren’t about to give up their seats easily; I just hope the people get out to the poles and vote them out in spite of the intimidation they are going to start to be using.

  3. Vivian,
    I enjoyed seeing you at a recent gathering. When I told you “I enjoy your Pilot columns, but”, you jokingly said you did not want to hear any buts. But, until I read this morning’s column, I did not know that Virginia constitutional amendments are on the November 2nd ballot. Went to to see what they are. First one would seem to allow more flexibility in granting property tax relief. Second one adds a section applicable to disabled veterans. The third increases the rainy day fund limit from 10% to 15%.

  4. I just stopped by to say hello. I think on education we are strategic allies. I criticize the Education Establishment quite a bit (on my site and many others) because so many Americans can’t read, can’t do math, etc. I’m disappointed with the Pilot for promoting the Core Standards. Have you been to and read some of that stuff? You can get a column out of this. I predict that the states which hold out will be the winners. What’s your take?

    Bruce Price
    Virginia Beach

  5. In this age of acute fiscal problems at the state and local government levels, it seems that having two separate state universities within the city limits of Norfolk may be ow hanging fruit for cost saving consolidation.

    With Norfolk State now without a president, it would seem to be a good time to consider merging the two universities, maybe with NSU be the math and science campus and ODU concentrating on liberal arts and business, as an example.

    Have you ever heard this discussed? Do you think the cost savings could be as large as I am suggesting? What are your thoughts?

    1. It has been discussed – and discarded – in the past. I believe the last time it was discussed, there was an agreement to eliminate some of the overlapping degrees offered but it’s been a long time since I looked at it. (There was also a program that allowed students to take classes at either university – don’t know if that is still around.)

      1. There is just too big a difference between the admissions requirements for the two. 50% of the incoming freshmen at ODU are between 480 and 570 on the Reading SAT, and between 480 and 580 on the Math. At NSU, those numbers are 400-470 for both tests. In other words, the 75th percentile at NSU is below the 25th percentile at ODU.

  6. Vivian:
    Sort of curious about something: Since the main stream media is claiming MOST Americans are concerned with the economy why don’t Democrats draw a DIRECT LINE between the Republican National Committee financial woes and President Bush’s leadership of the country? I mean when Steele took over the RNC they had a $23M surplus and raised $79M this year alone. That’s a LOT of money! By the end of Sept 2010 they had $3.4M cash on hand, were $4.6M in debt, AND had taken out a loan of $2.5M. Sort of sounds like what happened to OUR economy when President Bush (Republican) took over our country doesn’t it?

    Why don’t Democrats talk about THIS and make this their talking point?

    Just curious!


  7. I have been researching the feasibility of keeping a few (2-3) laying hens in residential back yards and was interested in what others may think?

  8. Vivian, I have enjoyed your posts in the Virginian Pilot. You make so much sense. I am now a resident of Baltimore. Have been here for about a month. Gotta admit, do not miss Norfolk. Baltimore is so alive.

    Moved here to be closer to my two sons. Diagnosed with cancer 1 year ago this month, had operation in February and recuperated for the next 5 months.

    I subscribed to your blog for emails because your thoughts and knowlege are refreshing and universal.

    Best to you in your upcoming printed commentary. I enjoy it so much. Eric Heard

  9. Thanks for all the great posts. I appreciate you taking your time to inform and editorialize about the issues of the day. Sometimes I feel like the only moderate democrat left in Virginian. Well, not really, but it sure seems that way sometimes. Again, thanks for your blog and your reporting.
    Bob Hayhurst

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