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A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government‘s power over citizens. In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative, and judicial powers are separated into distinct branches so that no individual or group has absolute power. The fact that a constitution exists that limits the government’s power, makes the state constitutional. That the head(s) of state and other officials are chosen by election, rather than inheriting their positions, and that their decisions are subject to judicial review makes a state republican.

Unlike a pure democracy, in a constitutional republic, citizens are not governed by the majority of the people but by the rule of law. Constitutional Republics are a deliberate attempt to diminish the threat of mobocracy thereby protecting minority groups from the tyranny of the majority by placing checks on the power of the majority of the population. The power of the majority of the people is checked by limiting that power to electing representatives who govern within limits of overarching constitutional law rather than the popular vote having legislative power itself. John Adams defined a constitutional republic as “a government of laws, and not of men.”[1] Also, the power of government officials is checked by allowing no single individual to hold executive, legislative and judicial powers. Instead these powers are separated into distinct branches that serve as a check and balance on each other. A constitutional republic is designed so that “no person or group [can] rise to absolute power.”

The United States is the oldest constitutional republic in the world. (For more on the issue of constitutional republic versus democracy, see here.) These are the people who are elected to represent me:

  • Norfolk City Council
    • Ward 4 – Paul R. Riddick
    • Superward 7 – Angelia M. Williams
    • Mayor – Kenny Alexander
  • State level
    • VA House of Delegates – Christopher P. Stolle (R-83rd)
    • VA Senate – Lynwood Lewis (D-6th)
    • VA Attorney General – Mark Herring (D)
    • VA Lt. Gov – Justin Fairfax (D)
    • VA Governor – Ralph Northam (D)
  • Federal level
    • US House – Scott Taylor (R-2nd)
    • US Senate –  Tim Kaine (D) and Mark Warner (D)
    • President – Donald Trump (R)

I hope you know who your representatives are. If not, take a look here.

Remember, all politics is local!


Last update: 06/09/2018

23 thoughts on “My Representatives

  1. vjp: sorry to contact this way but the “Feed-Full-Comments” section of your blog is not operating. I am new to Norfolk, registered to vote (Ward 2), & am not familiar with the political landscape. I have been researching the candidates (online) and other then Belin is Black, Wallach is angry, and Whibley is a stooge; Fraim is “establishment” & nothing about Montegue I cannot find much else about the issues (anything else that might be on the ballot).

  2. JLM – the Feed information is for RSS feeds. It is a way to keep up with the blog postings via an RSS reader.

    I’m working right now on candidate profiles. Check back. As far as issues go – there won’t be any on the ballot in May. The only thing that will be there is the candidates for council.

    And welcome to Norfolk!

  3. I’ve enjoyed your blog; it’s both thoughtfully written and esthetically pleasing. I do have to disagree with your statement, “The United States is a representative democracy.”; the United States is a Constitutional Republic, a fact made abundantly clear by the founders of this great nation:

    United States Constitution, Article IV, Section 4:

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

    “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”

    – George Washington, at the first Inauguration

    “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

    – James Madison, The Federalist Papers, #10

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

    – John Adams, The Works of John Adams

    “…the experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.”

    – John Quincy Adams, from a speech given on the 50th Anniversary of the Inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States

  4. Kevin, I have one question that comes to mind: Why do we want to make Iraq become a democracy? From what you say, we apparently want them to commit suicide. They were doing that just fine on their own with that.

  5. Kevin – you know, I’ve heard our elected officials refer to it as a representative democracy. I don’t disagree that it is a Constitutional Republic, but it just doesn’t act like one.

    When I get some time, I’m going to redo this page and include a discussion of the differences. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. HELLO, everyone I hope all are having a great holiday. But some things i see in the great city of norfolk sometimes are not right such as some canidates run to divide by race and income something called a poverty of values, what are our values putting faith in god, helping the poor, protecting civil rights, i think maybe even a gay partners act for the city of norfolk would be a great step foward for this city.thank you god bless all.

  7. Mrs.Paige~Just a quick note here. As an architect and a former American History Major- I find American Politics to be fascinating. I thoroughly enjoy your blog- as ‘kevin’ before states, it is thoughtfuly written. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

  8. Hello Mrs.Paige my name is benny moyler ,i am not a politacal party yet but i do have some problems please help me am very sure you can thank you 757-715-1674 help me please

  9. Thanks for this post! there are so many people that don’t have the slightest idea who their delegates are and how to approach them. You give here an important lesson in civics

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