Military Spouses Residency Relief Act: it’s gonna cost us

An article in Monday's newspaper about the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) struck me, at the time, as a case of missing the forest for the trees. The act, passed on Veterans Day, will extend residential benefits to spouses of military personnel, allowing them to retain residency in their home state for tax and … Continue reading Military Spouses Residency Relief Act: it’s gonna cost us

Warner roundtable on women on combat

Senator Mark Warner held a roundtable in the Norfolk Main Library this morning to hear from military women and representatives of various veteran support groups on the issue of combat stress. Last month, Warner sponsored legislation directing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to spend the next year studying whether it is adequately addressing the … Continue reading Warner roundtable on women on combat

Opinion, please: An invasion of privacy?

A front page story in Sunday's Virginian Pilot raised an interesting question. Game wardens had put a hidden camera in a tree, pointed at VanKesteren's soybean fields, after receiving a complaint about protected birds getting caught in predator traps. The camera wasn't just placed in any tree: it was placed in a tree on Steve … Continue reading Opinion, please: An invasion of privacy?

The Mis-Education of the voter

Carter G. Woodson's The Mis-Education of the Negro is the inspiration for the above title. If you are not familiar, let me quote just a bit from the opening line: The "educated Negroes" have the attitude of contempt toward their own people I don't think it is a stretch to say that many of our … Continue reading The Mis-Education of the voter

Then again, maybe only one

As in maybe only one Democratic Congressional pickup in Virginia. The race in the 5th has Democratic challenger Tom Perriello up by just 31 votes over Republican incumbent Virgil Goode. The number of lead changes in this race has been astonishing. The folks over at have been following this quite closely.  With a recount … Continue reading Then again, maybe only one

Dems pick up three Congressional seats in VA

As recently as Monday afternoon, I had a conversation with a political scientist regarding Congressional pickups and he didn't see Virginia Democrats picking up more than one seat - VA-11. I thought it possible that we could get three, but the data just wasn't there to support it. As I write this, not only did … Continue reading Dems pick up three Congressional seats in VA

First blog from NPR

Just arrived at the NPR HQ and took a quick shot of other early arrivals. Right now, a lot of the bloggers in the room are from NPR - at least most of the guys 🙂 On a local note - I see that there was an equipment problem this morning in Chesapeake. Fortunately, the … Continue reading First blog from NPR

Election Day November 4, 2008

There's not much left to be said. The only thing left to do is get out and vote! History will be made today. There is no doubt about that. Regardless of your political persuasion, we will be witnesses to a first. Interest in this election is so high that we are looking at record turnout … Continue reading Election Day November 4, 2008